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Brokers West Appraisal 818-735-0939 Vince Curtis is the owner of Brokers West Appraisal. He has been appraising full time for 20 years. His appraisal expertise includes custom construction, leasehold ownership, historical valuations, new construction, feasibility stuides, commerical due diligence, and other forms of real estate valuation. His primiary market is Southern California. Mr. Curtis is also currently an appointed alternate on the Assessment Appeals Board for the County of Ventura.

15 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

We appraise Southern California!

Our firm has been appraising Southern California since 1988. We are state licensed and certified, and are in good standing the California State Office of Appraisers.  Our appraisers live and work in our service area, which allows them great understanding of the market for all of Southern California. We appraise it all! Call us today at 818-735-0939 [...]

27 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Rounding UP values ? Not a good idea.

(From a recent MSNBC online article) Pity the poor Nevada homeowner. With home prices tumbling there at perhaps the fastest rate in the nation, it has become nearly impossible to get a handle on how much a home is worth. Why? Because appraisers, who base home values on comparable sales, have to depend on the [...]

17 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Zillow vs the appraisal!

Home value sites are a wonderful way to find out a ‘ballpark’ value for your home – for free! What’s better than that? But sometimes you get what you pay for. Below is a list of some free home value sites you can try for yourself. And I decided to put them to the test [...]

15 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Tax Appraisals

Estate tax liability. Disposition of assets under a will or in probate. There are many situations — none of them lacking stress and complexity — where you might need an appraisal of property that states an opinion of what the property was worth on a date some time ago, rather than when the appraisal is [...]